By Her Side: Standing By Your Partner Through Breast Cancer Therapy

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Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and many more females and males are diagnosed with a variety of cancers each day.

This book describes the experiences and thoughts of the male partner of a woman diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. There are many books written on the topic but they rarely if ever mention problems confronted by the husband or spouse.


About Brian M. Cohen, M.B., Ch. B., M.D. [post doctoral]

Brian M. Cohen, has been a Board Certified Obstetrician, Gynecologist, and Reproductive Endocrinologist for 45 years. He has worked closely with women for most of his medical career. His commitment and sensitivity to women’s health care issues is highlighted by his rise to the Presidency of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists. He has made many presentations that affect Infertility, Reproductive Endocrinology, and Women’s Health Care in many cities throughout the United States and the world.



The gamut of treatment for breast cancer is extremely demanding on the female partner and takes her through many very difficult physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Likewise, these taxing barriers can emotionally and mentally devastate the male. If the couple’s respective individual difficulties are left unattended, the resulting problems can become a major threat to the well-being of their relationship. (Thus, it is crucial for the woman to be aware of and respond to her husband’s responses by initiating effective communication.)


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